Councilman Cableguy

28 Mar


Surprise! Aberdeen Township has just released another budget that raises our taxes again. You can read about the 6.3% increase over at the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch. More annoying than the tax increase were the comments made by Councilman “Cableguy” Cannon. To paraphrase; We should just be happy for all the services that we get from town-hall and that out taxes are less then his cable bill! The insensitive attitude displayed by Councilman Cableguy is just the tip of the iceberg. It really demonstrates just how out of touch this council is with township residents.

Let’s set the record straight:

  • While many residents were without power for over 12 days during Sandy, the council sat on their hands, while officials from other towns were on 101.5 demanding that Christie go after JCP&L.
  • After Sandy, the cowardly Mayor and Council threw Chief Powers and other town professionals under the bus, instead of facing questions from residents.
  • Water main breaks are a common occurrence in town. Has the Council acted on behalf of residents with the water company? No absolutely not.
  • Senior housing is a decade old pipe dream.
  • Aberdeen’s credit rating was reduced last year.
  • This tax increase is larger (in percentage and actual dollars) than the school district tax increase for both Matawan and Aberdeen combined!
  • Cliffwood Beach waterfront is wrecked, council moving at the speed of a tortoise to rebuild it.
  • Solar project has brought very modest savings to the town and now town hall looks like a Wawa Store. Maybe they should sell gasoline and sandwiches too.
  • Municipal contracts are settled for many times what the private sector is getting.
  • The library and fire departments are funded separately by the taxpayers, you would think the “Cableguy’ knows that, since he sits on the Library Board.

Other towns also get services, what makes Aberdeen stand out is the record of constant tax increases. People don’t HAVE to buy cable TV, but they HAVE to pay taxes or lose their house. I hope voters decide to “change the channel” this November.

An Answer and a Question?

29 Mar


Answer: Aberdeen Municipal Taxes up 10.5% in 2012!

Question: What happens if the incumbents in 2011 win the  four Aberdeen Town Council seats?

Now to the details from the Asbury Park Press:|newswell|text||s

It also looks like depleting the surplus and one shot revenue deals are also catching up the the incumbent controlled town council.

A ratings agency has downgraded Aberdeen’s municipal bonds because township officials have little cash reserve left.

Moody’s Investors Service dropped Aberdeen’s bond rating down a notch to A1 from Aa3 on Tuesday. That leaves the bonds still as investment grade, but on the lower end of the prime ratings scale.

If the township seeks to refinance or borrow more money through bonds, it would be expected to pay slightly higher interest rates as a result.

In a note to investors, Moody’s said Aberdeen’s free balance dropped to $61,392, or four tenths of one percent of revenues, at the end of 2011.

Township Manager Holly Reycraft defended the financial decisions in an email on Wednesday.

“Due to the current economic climate, management and council  had planned draw downs from surplus in order to maintain stable tax rates for the township residents,” Reycraft said.

Moody’s also said the township has been relying on one-shot revenues. Aberdeen used $180,000 from the sale of township-owned land in the past two years to help balance the budget, Moody’s said.

In 2010, the township used $77,000 from capital funds, the note said.

The township budget that has been introduced for 2012 increases the property tax rate by 10.5 percent to 48.61 cents per $100 of assessed property value from 44.01 cents per $100 of assessed property value in 2011.

The increase amounts of nearly $130 a year on a house assessed at the township average of $282,389.

The next Election is 2013, I am sure the tax increase will be less and our debt will be junk grade by 2014. Way to go! I guess those “higher Taxes Every Year” signs may have been the truth.

Signs of the season….

29 Sep


I have not seen any Republican signs yet. I was not sure this was a Democrat sign until I read the small print. This is the second one I have observed on a property for rent. Since I had my taxes nearly double after these incumbent geniuses ordered a reassessment a  few years ago, I guess the juxtaposition may be a “sign” pointing to the future. These are all over town and really are an obnoxious eyesore.

Aberdeen Leadership “FAIL”

30 Aug

JCP&L & Aberdeen Leadership


There are over six hundred residents still out of electric service since Saturday night. According to Matawan Aberdeen Patch the Aberdeen Mayor Tagliarini says he is doing everything he can but many will not get power back for days! Why are they not putting the pressure on JCP&L? There are many parts of town that go out of power almost every time there is a storm. JCP&L is a government sanctioned monopoly, they should be able to construct reliable systems. We can use some of the same with Jersey American Water and the constant watermain breaks we have in town.

I know the town government cannot do too much, but how about providing ICE so the residents can preserve what food they still have left. How about sending some flyers around to let people know what is happening, since many cannot get code red messages.

We need to have some kind of ombudsman or public advocate in the future to deal with these monopolies on our behalf.

The mayor said. “It’s JCP&L’s responsibility to restore power, but we’re here for our residents.” — Mayor Tagliarini on Matawan-Aberdeen Patch.

My question for the mayor and the rest of the incumbent council leaders is, you are here for us but what are you doing for us?

By the way, I know the mayor and all the council people HAVE electric power……